Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is free for micro businesses and includes a free accounting/ERP software to manage your business and access to our network

No, we understand that cash flow is key to SME's. You can pay monthly provided payment is made by Juice / bank transfer.

Every ERP has an initial / master data setup, where the company, chart of accounts, payments and other configuration has to be done according to the legislation and operations. The minimum setup for a small business takes less than 20 hours.

An ERP is essential to record your day to day sales, expenses, stock and customer interactions. It allows you to know exactly where you are without waiting for your accountant to tell you.

We give you the easiest ERP to use. We have many customers who started using without even being trained to!

We do not sell internet but we can provide you with laptop and other hardware through our partners

To provide a cost-effective price, our cloud platform is billed by the amount memory, storage and processor time used. While the proposed hosting plan is likely to be sufficient for you, some companies may need more e.g. high level of daily transactions, 100’s of users.